SGFA changed Sydney's life!!!

From Annick Loomis.

A few years ago she was pulled from agility because of 2 bad knees (luxating patellas) and back issues. I was devasted because she'd only been competing for about a year. I knew something was wrong because she was slowing down on courses and was jumping funny. She'd gotten to the point where she could not even go for a walk in the park without being in pain for the rest of the day.

Enter her hero, Dr. Leeds. He took care of the back issues with Shockwave Therapy and the change was noticeable within weeks. Then came the 2 knee surgeries, one in July and the other in December (I wanted to finish with school so I could be home with her during the 1st few weeks of recovery).

About 5 months after the second surgery, at her final check-up, Dr. Leeds asked me when Sydney's next competition would be. I swear, I almost cried... I thought her agility career was over.

Sydney has competed in 5 trials over this past year (these things cost money and the economy has been unkind) and continues to amaze me. Most recently, she competed in a CPE Trial in Costa Mesa. I entered her in all 10 events (5 per day) although I was a little worried if she would have the stamina to last through all the events. This was the biggest trial she'd EVER been in. Pre-surgery I wouldn't have even considered putting her in this many events. Well, not only did she last, PAIN FREE and READY TO PLAY, she qualified and took 1st Place in ALL 10 EVENTS!!!

All I can say is THANK YOU Surgical Group For Animals!!! Sydney is happier and healthier than I have ever seen her. This would not have been the case if you'd not come into her life.