Why See A Veterinary Specialist?

The rapid and dramatic advances in Veterinary Medicine make it difficult for the general practitioner to keep current with the techniques and instruments needed to manage some of today's complex surgical problems. The board certified veterinary surgeon posseses the training, equipment, and experience to handle these difficult cases.

By working together, your Veterinarian and the specialist become a team to provide your animal with the best possible care.

What is a Veterinary Specialist?

A specialist is a veterinarian who is board certified in a speciality recognized by the American Veterinarian Medical Association. Surgery is one of these recognized specialities.

To obtain board certification, the specialist must have graduated from a Veterinary School, completed a 1 year internship, 2-3 years of residency, and then have successfully passed written, oral, and practical examinations. There are currently about 400 board certified Veterinary Surgeons.

When Should I See A Veterinary Specialist?

Just as you have become familiar with the specialists in human medicine, and the referral process, your veterinarian recognizes the need for a second opinion. It is important for you to remember that your Veterinarian will be kept informed of your animals progress. At an appropriate time following your pet's surgery, your Veterinarian will again become your primary care giver.